Police Warnings for Hanging Air Fresheners

What Is the Problem With Hanging Air Fresheners?

Air fresheners are designed to make your vehicle smell better. No matter what air freshener you use, it will not improve your vehicle’s driving performance. Police have issued warnings about hanging air fresheners. They pose a serious safety risk. Police have documented many instances of people losing control of vehicles after grabbing onto a hanging air freshener to remove it from the vehicle. Sudden braking or making an unexpected lane change can lead to an accidents.

Possible Legal Consequences of Hanging Air Fresheners

One seemingly isolated incident can have far-reaching effects. For example, if you crash into another car while trying to remove a hanging air freshener, the driver whose vehicle you hit may file a civil lawsuit against you. Besides seeking repayment for repair costs, the driver could file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for medical bills and lost wages. If you are using a hanging air freshener while driving a commercial car, the results can be even more serious. A commercial driver involved in a single car accident while using an air freshener can be cited for careless driving. This citation can lead to a commercial driver’s license suspension. Occasionally, a careless driving citation can even result in criminal charges.

Final Thoughts

Never hang items from your rearview mirror. The police have warned you! The most common item hanging from a rearview mirror is an air freshener. Does your car smells like a mix of wet dog, dirty diapers, and old french fries? Do you have to drive with the windows down? Solution: Eliminate obstructed view tickets and stinky cars by buying your innovative long-lasting air-freshener from freshrideclub.com.

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