Hanging Air Fresheners: The Obstructed View Violation You Didn't Know Existed

 What Constitutes As An Obstructed View Violation?


An obstructed view is the result of an item positioned within the driver’s field of view. It restricts the driver’s capacity to properly drive their vehicle. These items can include hanging air fresheners, car flags, or even sun visors that are positioned low on the driver’s side. If you drive with a large car flag, you might want to keep reading. It may result in you receiving an obstructed view violation. Even if the air freshener is above the line of sight, it’s an obstruction. The same applies to car flags, sun visors, graduation tassels, religious items, among other items.


When Is An Obstructed View Violation Enforced?

In the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries, this violation enforced when the driver’s field of view is obstructed. If the driver can see the item in question, it does not violate the law. A violation occurs when the item is higher than the driver’s line of sight.


Final Words

You now know about an obstructed view violation, as well as what it is, when it is enforced, and how to avoid it. Hanging air fresheners, rosary beads, fuzzy dice, car flags, and sun visors that are too low are considered an obstruction, so if you drive with one of these items, you might want to remove it from your vehicle.

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